Solgar Milk Thistle 100mg Full Potency Vegicaps 50


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The seeds, fruit and leaves of the milk thistle plant are used to promote good health, but it is the active constituent silymarin found predominantly in the fruit that has been shown to support the regeneration of healthy liver cells. Silymarin prevents free radical damage by acting as an antioxidant. Silymarin is at least ten times more potent in antioxidant activity than Vitamin E. Silymarin also stimulates glutathione production in the liver.


Each vegetable capsule provides: Raw Milk Thistle Herb/Seed Powder 350 mg (Silybum marianum) Milk Thistle Seed Powdered Extract 100 mg (total flavonoids including silymarin 80 mg [80%])





BRAND Solgar
FORM Vegicaps
Country of Origin United States