Viridian Organic Weight Management Plan


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Viridian Organic Weight Management Plan is a ground-breaking 30 day weight management plan. It offers a complete programme featuring organic food supplements to support dietary, lifestyle and exercise approaches to controlling weight and maximising nutritional status.
Help the Third World gain £££ while the First World loses Lbs. Comprises four supplements plus a 24-page diet/recipe and motivational booklet. More information on the Facebook 'Organic Weight Management' pages. The four products are:
Organic Nopal provides fibre, calming food cravings and controlling appetive by creating a feeling of fullness.
Organic Mineral Complex to aid blood sugar balance, a gentle diuretic effect to eliminate toxins and improve nutritional status.
Organic Green Tea to alkalise the body, aid detoxification of excess metabolic end products and provide amino acids.
Organic Soul Food Greens for thermogenesis which boosts metabolism and speeds up fat burning.
Fully certified as organic by the Soil Association.

The Viridian Organic Weight Management Plan contains:
Organic Nopal 90's
Organic Mineral Complex 90's
Organic Green Tea 90's
Organic Soulfood Greens 90's
BRAND Viridian International Ltd
Country of Origin United Kingdom