You have a problem with the joints. Then this article is for you. Those who have everything well can also read and learn something for themselves. After all, it is always easier to prevent an ailment than to treat it later.
There is one good thing in the world called pharmacological prophylaxis. You take medications that help your joints safely survive the pressure and, eventually, your joints with a guarantee will survive, and even will have a reliable longevity.
The problems of joint diseases are reduced to abrasion of the cartilaginous tissue covering the sliding surfaces of the joints. In general, the cartilage itself is very strong, and therefore abrasion overtakes the joints somewhere deep beyond seventy. Prevention is reduced to taking drugs that prevent abrasion or restore the damage that has occurred.

This is the number one drug that has been proven to be effective in laboratory experiments. However, glucosamine has been used for many years. Glucosamine is a building block that the body uses to create unique molecules that it "patches" damaged cartilage tissues.

Collagen hydrolyzate (gelatin)
This is one of the types of protein that helps regeneration (renewal) of cartilaginous tissue. Scientists have found that collagen stimulates the production of "human" collagen "of the second type, which is crucially important for the healing of cartilaginous lesions." In any case, collagen works. It is not omnipotent, but preventive administration of the drug will have undoubted benefits.

This is another "building block" in the composition of cartilaginous tissue. The molecule of chondroitin carries water, and this is extremely important for the safe functioning of cartilage. As is known, there are no capillaries in the cartilages that could feed them with the necessary substances, including water. Well, if the cartilage lose water, they become less wear-resistant.

Fish oil
Fish oil contains 2 types of omega-3 fatty acids. Both have significant anti-inflammatory properties. You can hear that fish oil is very useful and its
You can take as much as you want. In fact, this is not true. Consumption of over 3 grams of fish oil per day worsens the work of the heart and can even trigger diabetes. From fish oil, blood becomes thicker. This provokes irregularities in the work of the heart, asphyxiation and other unpleasant symptoms.

This herb is called the secret secret of five-star restaurants. It is widely used in the preparation of exotic dishes. The same grass, as it turned out, can help with inflammation of the joints. First, it contains the strongest natural antioxidants, and secondly, it suppresses the secretion of harmful histamine. In this case, turmeric enhances the production of cortisol, and it is known to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Green Tea Extract
This food additive now and then discovers new useful properties. It turned out that the extract contains antioxidants catechins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, they help the cartilage to resist abrasion. It is a storehouse of antioxidants, but science has proven that a deficit of antioxidants exacerbates inflammation.

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