Why should you drink juices? Many experts say that juices are a quick and convenient way to get nutrients for our body.

Benefits of Juice

• Fast and easy absorption of nutrients
• Control of appetite
• Increase of energy level
• Strengthening of the immune system
• Good skin
• Strong hair and nails
• Strong sense of taste and smell
• Rest for your digestive system

Cold pressed juice
In the process of spinning, the tradition of juicer, blades or graters, grinding fruits and vegetables, rotating at great speed, significantly heat them. Such juice loses half its usefulness, it is quickly oxidized, and it must be drunk immediately after preparation. The method of cold pressing is the pressing of vegetables, fruits and greens. The juice from them flows slowly and does not heat up (hence the name of the process of "cold pressing"). This will save all vitamins, minerals and enzymes within 72 hours after preparation.

What is the advantage of organic beverages?
Products marked "bio", including juices, are produced only from environmentally friendly ingredients. So, fruits and vegetables are grown in natural conditions on carefully selected soil. Organic farming means the rejection of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and other chemicals, so no component dangerous to the body can get into the finished product. Drinks are made only from ripe apples, pears, plums, apricots, grapes or freshly picked carrots, which had enough time for full maturation, allowing to develop a special taste and save more vitamins.

The benefits of juice depend not only on the technology of its preparation. Cold spin has at least more advantages than centrifuge technology, but much depends on the quality of the products themselves.