The fact that the intestinal microflora is the largest "organ", probably everyone knows, thanks to it we absorb vitamins and microelements.
Normal microflora is very important and has a decisive significance for human health.
Probiotic products help to eliminate chronic constipation, combat allergies and skin diseases, increase hemoglobin, strengthen immunity, remove harmful substances from the body, help to lose excess pounds and prevent premature aging.


Why can the microflora be disturbed?
Often, changes occur with improper diet, hormonal failure, during periods of stress and prolonged use of antibiotics.
Violation of the intestinal microflora is called dysbacteriosis. Dysbacteriosis leads to a lack of vitamins, especially group B, deterioration of the skin, hair and nails and a decrease in immunity, since 95% of immune cells are in the intestine. And immunodeficiency is often the cause of oncology and early aging.

How to restore the intestinal microflora?
To restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to take probiotics - live beneficial microorganisms: bifido- and lactobacilli, digestive enzymes, which also help the gastrointestinal tract with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.If the body cannot extract all the nutrients from food, the overall health is at risk, and this can result in a wide range of diseases. That is why proper digestion is so important for the proper functioning of the body, and digestive enzymes become vital for overall health.
Digestive enzymes are extremely important in everyone’s diet, since they are responsible for the proper breakdown of major food groups, and eventually the absorption of vital nutrients through the intestinal wall.

A healthy intestine is a guarantee of your youth and longevity!