Coenzyme Q10 is a protein that exists in every cell in the human body.

Its functions are key in every body system:

  • - produce cellular energy in the cell powerhouse, called mitochondria
  • - function as a very potent antioxidant

Antioxidants are substances that are able to neutralize the damaging and destructive effect of free radicals. Since we are alive we produce free radicals, natural cellular wastage. As we age or when we are sick or stressed, we produce much more free radicals that we can deal with and this is when we start to see and feel the symptoms of the so called oxidative stress. Free radicals if not dealt properly can create tissue and DNA damage, starting the process of aging.

Brain and heart cells function at very high pace and as a consequence they produce a lot more free-radicals than other tissues. This is why many scientific papers show the importance of Coq10 supplementation especially for the health of brain and heart cells. Doctors prescribe Coq10 for cardiovascular issues and for mental and nervous system health.

Many drugs deplete the body from this central nutrient making us weaker and less capable of repair. Also as we age we are less and less able to produce CoQ10, letting aging get faster and faster.

Our body produces Coenzyme Q10, taking the nutrients needed to make it from food. There are 2 different forms of it: quinone and ubiquinol. The latter, ubiquinol, is the active form of the nutrient ready to transfer its power onto free radicals, neutralizing them.

After decades of research, scientists recently developed a way to provide coQ10 as ubiquinol in an easy to absorb supplement form. 

Beyond CoQ10 by Nature’s Plus is delivering 200mg of ubiquinol very efficiently thanks to the presence of key cofactors (Ubiquimax: pyruvate, p5p, L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid) that enhance maximally its absorption rate.

One soft gel a day of Beyond CoQ10 optimises vitality, antioxidant activity and rejuvenation!