Male organism needs useful substances as well as female, children's. But they need to be used, given that a stronger sex needs more.
Especially it concerns those people who are in constant stress. A separate category - athletes, workers in the mental sphere, persons who have chosen hard work.

To maintain specific processes, supplementation of the ration with special complexes is required. As prevention of cardiovascular pathologies and prevention of aging - the use of antioxidant drugs. The important point is that group B is added, due to which the protein is digested, the synthesis process is started to form a strong muscular apparatus, the quality of the seed is increased, etc. With the goal of producing a healthy offspring, the future father should take folic acid together with the partner.

Do not get by after 30 without the elements A, F, E, because they produce testosterone and normalize the potency. If there are negative addictions (smoking, alcohol), you must take lipoic acid. . If there is an early baldness, deterioration of the hair and nails, so the body signals that it is necessary to drink biotin.

It is possible to single out the main directions, because of which vitamins are prescribed for men after 30:

To prepare for conception. They should be taken for normal production of hormones, increased activity of spermatozoa. In this case, the best substances are folic acid, element E and ascorbic acid. You can choose good complexes or use these elements separately.
To increase the potency - A and E, which affect the rate of accumulation of testosterone and its production. Also add C to increase the strength, F to prevent the destruction of cell membranes. Also, men need copper, zinc and selenium.
To strengthen immunity, it is better to choose specially designed complexes. It is necessary to drink them in the cold season.
In order to improve the condition of hair follicles and prevent baldness, men need to use E and N, and they are taken not only inwards, but also in the form of masks.

The best vitamins for men with increased activity, for athletes are means that accelerate the process of metabolism and synthesis. Appointed in the presence of fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, high intensity in training.

Now it's clear what vitamins are and why.