A.Vogel Avena Sativa 50ml.


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This herbal remedy from A.Vogel works as a powerful nerve tonic and provides a mild sedative effect. This natural product may help to relieve anxiety, and reduce the symptoms of ongoing stress and mental exhaustion. It may also help with hyperactivity and is suitable for children over the age of two years. Avena Sativa has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries and is produced from organically grown oats.

Avena sativa herb contains a number of plant chemicals including a substance known as gramine. The amount of these plant substances is highest just as the Avena sativa plant is about to break into flower and the seeds begin to form.


Adults: 20 drops 2 or 3 times daily in water. Children Aged 2-12 years): 1 drop per year of age, twice daily, in some water. If pregnant, nursing or taking prescribed medication, please consult with a healthcare practitioner before taking any A. Vogel product.


Tincture of organically grown fresh aerial parts of Avena sativa (oats), extracted in alcohol (51%V/V).

Country of Origin Switzerland