Nature's Plus Animal Parade Gold Chewable Multi Cherry Flavour 120

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Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Gold chewables are the ultimate children's multivitamin supplement. With a delicious cherry flavour, each animal shaped chewable is packed with all the essential minerals and vitamins that your child needs including 500 IU of Vitamin D3 for optimal bone support and immune system health, Vitamin K2 for optimal immune, blood and bone health, Lutein for eye and skin protection, complete intestinal, oral and dental probiotics and live enzymes and bioflavonoids for ultimate absorption. The chewables also contain Xylitol, which may reduce the risk of tooth decay.


With Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Probiotics and Organic Gold Standard Whole Foods Animal Parade GOLD Multi Children's Chewable takes this best-selling multi-vitamin and mineral formula to the next level! The award-winning taste continues in an irresistibly delicious sugar-free formula, bursting with natural cherry flavor! Each serving of these fun, animal-shaped chewables is now packed with 500 IU of vitamin D3, more trace minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and an extensive assortment of organic whole foods. Animal Parade GOLD is sweetened with xylitol, which may reduce the risk of tooth decay. Animal Parade GOLD is the new gold standard in children's supplementation. This delicious, unique and highly effective supplement features:


Vitamin D3 for optimal bone support and immune system health
Vitamin K2 for superior immune, blood and bone health
Over 20 certified organic whole foods for synergistic health-promoting activity
All essential vitamins and minerals
Complete intestinal, oral and dental probiotics
Lutein for eye and skin protection
Live enzymes and bioflavonoids for unmatched absorption and activity!
Delicious cherry flavor!
Fun animal shapes!
Xylitol, which may reduce the risk of tooth decay


With so many outstanding features, Animal Parade GOLD is the most comprehensive, health-boosting investment a parent can make. Invest in GOLD - Animal Parade GOLD - for your children's future.


Take two 2 chewables to be taken daily.


Xylitol, natural color, citric acid, guar gum, natural cherry flavor, magnesium stearate, Certified Organic Gold Standard Whole Food Blend (organic acerola extract, apple fruit, broccoli sprout, cauliflower sprout, collard, cordyceps mushroom mycelia, kale, kale sprout, maitake mushroom mycelia, nettle, parsley, pure beet juice, pure carrot juice, pure spirulina, reishi mushroom mycelia, shiitake mushroom mycelia, spinach, tomato juice, wild bilberry, wild blueberry, wild lingonberry; pure chlorella), rose hips (rosa canina fruit), whole brown rice, broccoli, spinach, mango fruit, carrot, West Indian cherry (malpighia glabra fruit), papaya fruit. Mineral aminoates are whole brown rice chelates.




BRAND Nature's Plus
FORM Tablets
Country of Origin United States