Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus Vegicaps 60


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Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus capsules provide L. Acidophilus, L.bulgaricus and B. Lactis to support the digestive system naturally. This food supplement helps to maintain healthy bacteria levels in the intestine by providing 5 billion microorganisms in each capsule. Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus is the strongest product in Solgar's enhanced range of probiotic supplements. Ideal for use after taking antibiotics when levels of good bacteria may be reduced. This product is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.


2 capsules daily.


L. acidophilus2.1 billion microorganisms B. lactis2.1 billion microorganisms S. thermophilus550 million microorganisms L. bulgaricus250 million microorganisms.





BRAND Solgar
FORM Vegicaps
Country of Origin United States