Viridian 100% Organic Echinacea Tincture 100ml.

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100% Organic Echinacea tincture is made with the whole Echinacea purpurea plant.100% organic and natural, no synthetics whatsoever. The tincture extraction technique involves pure organic alcohol which draws elements from within the plant into the solution. To remove/lessen the alcohol content, simply add the required amount to an egg cup of freshly boiled water and leave to cool; the majority of the alcohol will evaporate with the steam. Created in the United Kingdom using traditional craft skills and plant knowledge. Certified organic by the Soil Association.

Directions: Take 15 - 30 drops, 2 -3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water.

INGREDIENTS: Water, organic alcohol & fresh organic Echinacea Extract.
BRAND Viridian International Ltd
Country of Origin United Kingdom