Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Methyl Connect Capsules 60


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A unique formulation of Food-Grown vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic beetroot powder to support methylation. We rely on methylation (a naturally-occurring biochemical process) to be constantly producing and removing molecules or substances we do and do not need in the body. This is why methylation is implicated in brain chemistry for many functions including mood, energy, immunity, cardiovascular health, the removal of waste products. Food-Grown are compatible with genetic polymorphisms.

Key Benefits
Methionine - Supporting the production of cysteine for glutathione & SAMe
Folate & B12 - In naturally methylated forms
Organic Beetroot - For betaine as a methyl donor
A formulation of Food-Grown vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic beetroot powder to promote healthy methylation. We rely on methylation to produce and transform vital nutrients or molecules, as well as recycling and removing unwanted substances. Signs of poor methylation are many but include brain and cognitive imbalances, compromised immunity and detoxification, inflammation and gastrointestinal issues. Methylation cycles are involved in homocysteine regulation, neurological, cognitive, cardiovascular and fertility health. We require methylation for the breakdown of histamine, hormones, bacteria and other pathogens, the production of energy, gene expression and more. Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet may require additional support to re-supply the body with 'methyl donors'.
Bespoke Food-Grown Methyl Connect is free of excipients, soya, milk products, wheat, gluten-containing ingredients, artificial colours, added sugars, flavourings and preservatives. It contains no live yeast at the time of manufacture.

Vitamin B2 1.50 mg 107Vitamin B6 5.00 mg 357Folic Acid 400.00 mcg 200Vitamin B12 100.00 mcg 4000Pantothenic Acid 3.00 mg 50Iron 5.00 mg 36Magnesium 30.00 mg 8Zinc 7.00 mg 70Glycine 10.00 mg N/ACholine 10.00 mg N/AInositol 5.00 mg N/AMethionine.
BRAND Wild Nutrition
FORM Capsules
Country of Origin Canada